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The Purpose

Getting People Addicted!
 Addicted to a prayer life & the Word of God

The purpose of this program is to instill certain methods that are outlined by God which produce spiritual growth. 

These methods include:

Daily Bible reading

Weekly fasting

Consuming ourselves with a spiritual atmosphere

Tuning out worldly influences

and doing them TOGETHER!


The Bible is God's Direct Voice to His People

In order to grow spiritually and draw closer to God, we have to read His letters to us.  The Word of God is a "magical" book that will speak directly into your life. It is culturally relevant for every generation and its methods always work. Allow God to minister to you as you open the pages of His Word and seek to understand. 

Reading the Bible births FAITH in us

Romans 10:17 states, "Faith comes (produced, birthed) by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God."

Faith is transmitted into our soul when we read and study God's Word. It is a supernatural work! 


The Importance of an every day prayer life

An intimate, consistent relationship with God is the anchor that will hold you in times of storms. We will learn how to pray and talk to God when we set aside a place and a time we meet with Him every day. 

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